The Lystons - The Current Status
This page will keep you informed
of the status of our efforts.

This update from November 28, 2008
Things have gone slower than we anticipated. It has taken more than a year to finalize the formatting of the book and make all the updates and changes necessary.

BUT.... the good news is that the book has actually been submitted to the printer for final proofing. With any luck, the books will be rolling off the presses in the next few weeks.

You can get your copy by going to the Buy Now page here on the website or you can email your request using the same Buy Now page

This update from August 19, 2007
The long journey of researching and writing "The Lystons" is finally coming to an end. Over the past few months, I had the good fortune to locate some new resources and therefore had more leads to follow. Researching this new information took time and pushed back the expected publishing date.

In addition, there was the long and diligent process of finding a printer. We are happy with our final choice and hope to have the book formatted and edited by February 2008. At that time, we will turn the completed work over to the printer. Four to six weeks later, I will receive a proof (copy) of the book. If everything checks out with the initial copy, it will go to print and be available for sale by the Spring of 2008.

For anyone not familiar with the theme of my book, the Lystons is a compilation of five baseball biographies of members of the Lyston family from Waverly in Baltimore, Maryland. The book includes information about local Baltimore players as well as stars from the Negro and Major Leagues. There is a history of Baltimore baseball in the Preface along with information on origins of the major and minor leagues. The book also contains over two hundred unique and one-of-a-kind baseball photographs along with pictures of vintage baseball cards.

Few people are fortunate enough to have four professional baseball players in their family tree. Because of the Lyston family's many ties to our great national game, I felt that the story of their baseball careers needed to be uncovered and told. The Lystons traveled all over the country playing baseball, as well as Canada. They crossed paths with some of the best players that ever set foot on a baseball field. The Lystons encountered a large and diverse number of our national pastime's greatest ballplayers and managers. I give brief biographies of these notable diamond stars as they appear throughout the book.

My next update will announce the location of my book signing.

This update from March 4, 2006
At the present time, the front and back cover has been completed as well as the Dedication, Forward and Preface. I have turned in four completed chapters, one appendix along with the accompanying pictures to my editor. The other thirteen chapters and four appendices are approximately 85% complete. The book includes a large number of unique and, in some cases, very rare baseball pictures.  A few of these photographs are from the 19th century.

As the Lyston project progresses, I will be giving periodic updates on the status of the book on this page. I meet with my editor once every two months to scan pictures, arrange the text and coordinate the photographic layout. I work on this book in some shape or form everyday. We hope to have everything complete and ready to publish sometime later this year or sometime in early 2007. This research project is truly a daunting task and I have gone to great lengths to insure the accuracy of my work. This means methodical research and painstaking fact checking in order to achieve final completion to this decade long project.

When "The Lystons" is finally completed and published, I will be having the book signing somewhere in the Baltimore area. I will post the date, time and location of the signing on this Website. The book can also be ordered from the Website as well. After the first printing, there is a chance that I may find additional information on the Lyston's baseball careers. If I do, I will use this page to post all updated Lyston information.  If I choose to have a second edition of the Lyston's printed, I will leave the updated Lyston information posted on this page for people who purchased the first book. I would like to thank everyone for their interest in my project and I am working hard and diligently to bring this monumental task to fruition.
Visit again for further updates....